Egg-rolling puzzle platformer where gravity is your worst enemy.

"A puzzle that comes with no instructions"
"Game this cute shouldn't be this hard"


Quirky Euphoric Challenging Climate Conscious Exploration Curiosity Resilience Agility


The journey IS the narrative. The world, tells us a story. We just need the right perspective to see it.

The main objective of the game is to collect all eggs and items available across the levels or "adventures" scattered around the Chicken World.

In each Adventure, the Chicken can collect items by throwing them into the basket. Jump into the basket to fly away. Walk up to an item to pick it up. Use DROP button to drop it. Loot collected in each adventure helps unblock the path to the next adventure back on the ground, so check your backpack after coming back. You access it with the BACKPACK button on the ground. The same button opens or hides the corner loot indicator inside of the adventure. The indicator shows what items are available to collect in the adventure. 

Chicken can bring a hat into each adventure by putting it on first before jumping into a portal. Some adventures require you to find the right hat before entering. Items can be accessed via the Backpack menu when the Chicken is on the ground only.

Eggs can only be rolled. If they fall on certain surfaces they break. If they fall off the edge of the level, they break too. The challenge is to roll 3 eggs into the basket. The basket is hidden somewhere at the end of the level. 

To complete the game, you need to roll all 3 eggs into the basket in the same playthrough in each adventure. Adventures feature different puzzles. Pay attention to what Chicken is thinking about. Explore. Explore. Explore. Approach road signs at the edges of levels to unravel the path ahead.

Main Menu -> Restart is your best friend. Levels are designed to be replayed 100 times over. It is a hard game.

Amazing Chicken Adventures is a no-hand-holding game. It's a puzzle game that pays tribute to old-school Nintendo games where you just had to figure things out.

There are also batteries and treasures and teleporters, oh, and a drone too

The game has a secret climate action ending, but I will let the most resilient of you, discover that.

Piotr Rochala

Events / Conventions

PAX Australia

Amazing Chicken Adventures presented at PAX Rising Arena at
PAX Rising Arena at PAX Australia 2022

Adelaide Comic-Con

Chicken is coming to Adelaide Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, November 12-13 2022

Gameplay Videos

Desert Canyon Adventure.

Loot: Beach Ball

Snowman Arctic Adventure

Loot: Plastic Rubbish Bag

Arctic Igloo Adventure

Loot: Winter Hat

Desert Mine Adventure

Loot: Dynamite, Torch

Jungle Fly Adventure

Loot: Fly

Jungle Firefighter Adventure

Loot: Firefighter Helmet, Fire Extinguisher


Official ID@Xbox Release Stream. Everybody loves chicken!

PAX Australia Indie Pod Highlights

GalleYT Stream (en español)

Soy Jeruk Stream (en español)


Fact sheet:
Amazing Chicken Adventures is a super hard, egg-rolling, puzzle platformer made solo by Piotr Rochala.

It is a puzzle game that pays tribute to retro Nintendo games where you just had to figure it out and retry, over and over again.

My game teaches resilience and has a secret climate-action ending.

Amazing Chicken Adventures is the first Polish game made in Australia, in the Kulin Nation country. I acknowledge Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land on which this digital work of art was created.

Piotr is a Polish software engineer residing in Australia. I learned 3D art during COVID lockdown in Melbourne and decided to make a video game for my 3 kids, inspired by my childhood in post-communist, rural Poland and an unobtainable dream I had back then - to explore the entire world.

Self-published on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
Coming to PlayStation in 2023.

Made in: Unity + Blender + Photoshop + FL Studio.

Art & Design:
Piotr Rochala

Piotr Rochala

Ludwig van Beethoven, Fryderyk Chopin, Giovanni Battista, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Joseph Haydn, Hector Berlioz, Antonio Vivaldi, Felix Mendelssohn, Peer Gynt, Leo Delibes

Music re-released under Public Domain. Thank you to for setting classical music free.

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Sound effects and classical music in the game are re-shared under CC0 / No Rights Reserved license and are therefore part of the public domain.

All music in the game has been sourced from Please consider supporting this charitable organization with a mission to set the classical works of art free of copyright for all humanity to enjoy.