Save the world, one egg at a time!

In this 3D co-op precision platformer.


  • Physics based game environment - because gravity hurts

  • Explorable game world - with different biomes to experience: Farmland, Jungle, Desert & Arctic

  • Wearable HATS!

  • Tools to interact with the world - from watering can to a chainsaw

  • Puzzles to solve - good for brains and thumbs

  • Full Controller support

  • Split screen cooperative and versus Co-op!

Putting all of your eggs in one basket never felt this fun!

Fact sheet:
Made in Australia with Polish heart by Piotr Rochala.
Follow me on Twitter: @RochalaPiotr

Art: Piotr Rochala
Programming and the other bits: Also me

Release date: 4 September 2021
Folklore music from Poland, Australia & South America.

Made in Unity + Blender.
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